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Learn About Renters’ Insurance

 Whether you are about to rent your first apartment or you are renting a home for your family, you need to secure renters’ insurance before signing a lease. To help you move into your new place with ease, our team wants to offer answers to some frequently asked questions about renters’ insurance below.Best Renters Insurance Buncombe County

What is Covered by Renters’ Insurance?

The purpose of renters’ insurance is to protect all of your personal belongs in case something happens to your residence. Your personal belongings would include electronics, furniture, clothing, and more. You do not need to have coverage on the house or apartment because the homeowner has that covered.

What does Renters’ Insurance Protect Your Items from?

When you have a renters’ insurance policy, your items are protected from fire, vandalism, and flooding. You can never foresee when something like this will happen and destroy all of your belongings, so you need to be prepared and insured, so you can replace your items.

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Types of Coverages We Offer for Vehicles

Finding the right insurance company to cover your vehicles can be tricky because you want affordable payments and coverage that will protect you if you are in an accident. For affordable car insurance in Asheville, NC, you can trust the team at Pamela H. Owenby Insurance, Inc. every time. Take a look at some of our auto coverage policies below.Car Insurance Asheville NC

Standard Insurance

If you are searching for auto insurance for your family, you can turn to our helpful and friendly team for assistance. We’ll work with you to select the ultimate coverage to protect your family.

Commercial Automobiles

When you own a business that requires employees to drive a company vehicle, you need to have the right amount of coverage in case there is an accident. We have a range of commercial insurance policies for you to pick from to ensure you are covered.

Food Truck Insurance

If you are an owner of a food truck, you need to work with an insurance company that understands your needs. Fortunately, the team at Pamela H. Owenby Insurance, Inc. is knowledgeable when it comes to providing coverage for food trucks, so you can continue to provide your customers with your delicious creations.

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Types of Home Insurance We Provide

Asheville Home InsuranceWhen you are investing in real estate property, you want to have the right coverage for your needs in case something were to occur to your property. Check out the different types of home insurances we can assist you with below.

Primary & Vacation Homes

The roof over your head is protecting you from the elements, so it is your turn to protect your home and vacation home with the right insurance coverage. From damages caused by a disaster to flood insurance, you can count on our team to create your ideal policy. We cover apartments, condos, houses, townhomes, and more.

Vacant Properties

When you have a vacant property or lot, you might not think you should have insurance on it. However, you still want to protect your property in case of vandalism or other damages.

Renters Insurance

Even if you do not own a home or apartment, you will find yourself in need of renters’ insurance. With this insurance policy, you can protect your personal belongings in the event of a fire or flood.

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Welcome to Our Blog

Here at Pamela H. Owenby Insurance, Inc., we invite you to learn a little more about our company and insurance tips that will be helpful to you and your family. Our entire team cares about your insurance needs, so we provide a wide range of insurance coverages and policies to ensure you pick the one that is right for your exact needs. Take a look at some types of insurances we provide below.Insurance Companies in Asheville NC

Auto Insurance

Protect your vehicle by choosing auto insurance with affordable coverage that meets your needs. If you have multiple vehicles insured with us, you can save money with our multiple-vehicle discount.

Home Insurance

As a homeowner, there are many responsibilities you have to handle, and one of those things is having the right homeowners’ insurance policy. Whether you need coverage for your primary home, vacation home, vacant properties, or even renters’ insurance, you can rely on our team.

General Liability & Workers’ Compensation

When you own a company or small business, you need to make sure your workers are covered in case any accidents happen on your property.

Medicare Supplement

Not all medical expenses are covered by Medicare. Many people turn to us for a Medicare Supplement policy.  A Medicare Supplement gives you the freedom to select the doctor of your choice.

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